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National or Global Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, Google generates such a majority of the search traffic, it rules the search world. The challenge is that Google is constantly updating its algorithm (the vast program it uses to sort and rank websites).

We’d be happy to discuss your specific National or Global SEO needs.

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We list below some of the basics for good, solid Google-focused SEO strategies. In our blog, we provide updates on some current SEO trends. We also push out blog posts to our email newsletter list. Subscribe to our email newsletter for current information.

Good SEO Strategy Starts with Solid Keyword Research

Start with thorough keyword research. Keywords will define the themes for your SEO campaign. Visit this link for tips on conducting keyword research.

Now your SEO must do more than focus on a single keyword phrase. Google expects to see a set of related phrases on websites. We help clients create relevant keyword clusters to use in developing SEO-target pages.

On-Site SEO Ranking Factors (things you can easily control)

On-site factors include the elements on your website’s pages and your website’s structure.

Not all pages on your site require an SEO-focus. Your “About Us” page for example, will typically talk about, well about you. Since your company is unique, you do not typically need to develop an SEO strategy for that page.

Please note: We are not saying the “About Us’ page is unimportant, au contraire. The “About Us” page is often the most visited page on a website; so, do write that page carefully. You just do not need to worry about SEO factors for it.

For information on the latest on-page factors related to top-performing SEO, contact us

Off-Site Ranking Factors (things other websites control)

The following are important factors, which you can typically not control. The off-site linking factors have three key elements: quality, trust, and reputation.

Quality and Authoritative Inbound Links

Inbound links (aka backlinks) are important off-page SEO quality signals. All search engines look at the number and quality of websites that link to your website. We recommend best-practices for link building campaigns.

The best way to get links is to earn them by producing high-qualify content.

For example, we help companies with email newsletter strategies and Inc Magazine mentioned one of our blog posts on their website. Our related page spiked up in the Google rankings and we got a lot of traffic.

Trust Factors

Search engines rank trustworthy websites higher. To improve your websites trust-worthiness with the search engines, consider:

  • Linking out to authority websites
  • Having a complete privacy and disclosure policy
  • Building engaging content (with a low bounce rate)
  • Publishing references and sources in your pages and posts

If you want a review of your trust worthiness and information on how to improve it, contact us.

Reputation Factors

Burnish your company’s online reputation by fully optimizing social media accounts.
Create social media accounts for your company and key members of your team. Use content snacks from key blog posts to engage with your audience.

The search engines consider social signals in gauging a website’s reputation in its industry.

If you are not a big brand, try to look like one. Get your company mentioned on important industry websites even if the websites do not include a follow link to your website. Google is paying more attention to brand mentions and citations. Consider launching a PR campaign as part of your SEO effort

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