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Search & Social Marketing

Important Business Development Tactics

Search & social marketing can bring you a steady flow of highly qualified new business leads.

Everyday your target customers are searching for information on how to solve the problems you help solve. These searchers are conducting searches on Google and within their social networks.

Your challenges:

  • Figure out where prospects are searching,
  • Understand the information they are seeking, and
  • Place your message in the right channels at the right time.

We help you identify the search topics and info channels your target customers use when they seek solutions. The most effective inbound marketing campaign for you depends on your target customers. We can consult with your in- house team or handle the entire project for you.

We customize our recommendations based on your target market’s searching patterns and your specific needs. Please fill our contact form for a free no-obligation quote on an inbound marketing package tailored to your needs.

Our services include:

Local SEO

The days of the local yellow pages are long gone. Most individuals use the Internet to find local businesses. If you serve a local market and do not optimize company’s website for local search, you are missing new business opportunities. For more information, visit our page on SEO services.

National SEO

SEO is the art and science of making a website more trustworthy, relevant and useful in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google. The ultimate goal of a solid SEO campaign is to encourage qualified prospects to visit your website. For more information, visit our page on SEO services.

PPC (pay-per-click) Campaigns

PPC campaigns give quick and measurable results. When you use PPC to generate leads for new business, you can establish a target of certain $/ per conversion. We can help you determine your best conversion target. We can set-up and manage a PPC campaign for you or start-up the initial campaign and teach your staff how to manage it. For information more information, visit our page on PPC Campaign Management.

Social Media Marketing

We work primarily with B2B companies. Our team can help you optimize your presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels appropriate for business customers. We also team with several social media experts to help companies targeting consumers.

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