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PPC Services

PPC and Online Ad Campaign Management

We will help you setup your PPC campaign and show you how to manage it, or we will manage the entire process for you.

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Our PPC team has generated thousands of new-business leads for clients. More importantly, our clients have generated tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue as a result of their PPC programs.

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Why PPC Campaigns are Useful

PPC campaigns enable you to fully control your website’s visibility. You determine the words that trigger your ads, the text of your ads and landing pages. PPC is the quickest method for getting results

We often launch a PPC campaign prior to developing on an SEO strategy for a client. You can use the PPC results to inform your SEO targets.

Key Elements of Establishing a PPC Campaign

Define Your Strategic Objective
What is the purpose of this traffic? Do you want to sell a product, capture leads for sales or increase qualified prospects for lead nurturing?

Determine Your Target Value for a Lead
We work with companies that want to use PPC campaigns to generate leads for sales. Our team helps clients determine the projected ROI for a PPC campaign. An important element of this step is establishing the value of a lead. To determine your target value, work backward from sales-to-close ratio all up your lead funnel to the initial to click-through to inquiry ratio.

Conduct Keyword and Competitor Research
A well-built PPC campaign uses solid keyword research as its foundation. For info on conducting keyword research, visit our page on conducting keyword research.

Establish Budget and Conversion Cost Targets
Based on data from Google and competitor research, we can estimate the ideal target cost-per-click and the cost per conversion. We manage the campaign to provide conversions below the target cost.

Create a Landing Page with a Compelling Call-to-Action
We assist clients in identifying the ideal call-to-action.

Build and Launch the Campaign | Measure Results and Adjust
After you launch your campaign, you most monitor it regularly and make adjustments based on results. PPC campaigns can provide an excellent ROI, if you monitor and adjust appropriately.

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