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Create a Plan for Marketing Your Content

After you set your content strategy and develop your content, you must launch a campaign for marketing content. To get it in front of your target audience, actively market your most valuable content.

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You can get your original content placed in a variety of important channels. Always think about where your target audience is looking for information.

You can work to get your content placed in:

  • Email newsletters
    Many industry email newsletters are hungry for valuable content. Make sure your article is informative and not self-promoting. To find email newsletters, ask your clients about the newsletters they receive.
    You can also review your industries top publications and associations. Contact any of industry groups with an email newsletter. Many professional associations list their policy about submitting articles on their websites.
  • Top blogs (as a guest blog post)
    Find the top blogs in your industry. Look at the traffic going to the blog, the number of comments, etc. Contact the best blogs to inquire about their guest post policy.
  • Relevant Linkedin Groups
    Join the LinkedIn groups, which include your prospective customers and peers. Cannot find a good group? Start one! Create a summary of your content piece. Encourage group members to share your information with their contacts
  • Your Social Networks
    Create a shortened URL and Tweet out a link to your content piece, share a summary on Linkedin or Facebook. This works well for a long blog post. For the other channels, you can send out a summary and link back to the landing page promoting the content.

Create Content Snacks

hamster-hand2If your content is very large, such as an extensive case study or white paper, make it snackable.

Break the content into smaller bites (snacks). You can place your content snacks throughout your channels and offer to provide the full item to inquiries.

Building content snacks helps in two ways.

  1. You decrease the amount of time you need to create original content for your outside channels.
  2. You encourage visits to your website by only offering a portion of your important larger content.

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