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Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead Nurturing Campaigns Improve Sales Results

You acquire leads from a wide variety of sources networking events, organic web visitors, paid search ads, speaking engagements, referrals, etc.

Our Lead Nurturing Campaign Services

Our team can help you establish your lead nurturing system. We can help you:

  • define your segments
  • select and implement the best lead nurturing system
  • design and develop lead nurturing messages
  • implement a system to measure results

A typical lead nurturing campaign will use steps similar to those listed below.

First Step: Route and Segment Your Leads

If you have a large volume of diverse leads, you should establish a system to nurture the leads. Not all leads are “ready to buy now”. Your first step is to develop a way to score the leads. Based on the lead’s score, you place it in a specific follow-up channel. You can use several channels to handle your new leads:

Channel One – Send Directly to Sales
If you think a lead is ready to buy, you should place that individual in the sales track. You can decide a lead is ready for direct sales based on the lead source or the lead’s specific profile. Overtime you should define the characteristics that make a lead ready for sales. Your marketing and sales staff should agree on this definition.

Channel Two – Place in Regular Lead Nurturing Segments
Many folks entering your potential lead database are not ready to talk to a sales person. Some folks may be ready but have not provided enough information for you to know they are ready. You can place these leads in nurturing tracks based on their interest, profile or persona.

You should develop specific personas for your lead nurturing system. Each persona will include the individual’s typical title, purchasing role, company size, etc. You can then create lead nurturing campaigns that send information targeted specifically for each persona and their products or services of interest.

Channel Three – “Nice to meet you” Email
If you do not have enough information to determine to which segment a lead belongs, just send a basic welcome email. You can thank them for attending your webinar or stopping by your trade show booth. In your email, you can link to additional corporate resources.

As you interact with these unknown leads, you can place them in the proper segment. Or, the leads may never be ready for a lead nurturing track.

Second Step: Establish Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Send two to three email series with content and offers customized for each segment. In your initial campaign, do not get too “salesy”. Send quality, ever-green content. You can even use third-party information such as a whitepaper or a link to a YouTube video. You can also develop interim steps to capture more information (surveys for example).

Your goal is to acquaint the lead with your company and enhance your image by providing useful information. Within each email or on the connected landing page, you can promote offers, which require some additional lead-qualifying information.

Third Step: Move to In-House List

If after a series of emails, individuals have not opted out; but have not met your “send to sales” criteria, add them to your house file. You can then send segment-specific email to your house list. You can also promote your email newsletter subscriptions and use your email newsletter as a “keep warm” marketing channel.

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