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Acquiring Content

How We Help You Acquire Content

Our team can help you create a content acquisition plan or write the content for you. If you need help, please drop us a line.

We believe you can use three methods to acquire content.

Steps for Acquiring Content

1. You can write original content
Based on your in-house expertise, you can write original content for your blog, ebooks, social media channels etc. from scratch. If you have subject experts and writing talent on-staff, writing original content is a great way to display an authentic voice.

To get ideas for content subjects, you can:

  • Monitor social media to see what topics are popular in your market place.
  • Subscribe to top industry blogs and monitor those discussions for ideas.
  • Establish a content-idea portal. With a portal, you can stream info from blogs, news feeds and social media discussions to one page. This is a great way to capture a snapshot of issues important to your target market.

Your content does not need to be a long written piece, you can also produce a valuable infographic. An infographic takes complex information and presents it in an easy-to-understand graphic.

Need help setting up a content-idea portal or an infographic? Contact us and we can help you.

2. You can hire a content writer
You can use online resources to find writers for your content. The online world is a bustling marketplace for writers, from to elance.

You can also post requests for a free lance writer through your on your social media networks, such as LinkedIn. Seek out writers with experience in your market place. Ask for references and examples. Check out our blog for updates on how to hire and manage freelance writers.

3. You can aggregate content produced by others
You know more about your market than your target audience. You probably read a range of industry publications or attend trade shows, seminars, webinars, etc. You can summarize the best content you find, with full attribution of course.

When you re-post someone’s content, add a little of your own commentary. For example, explain why a post is important or point out a trend you think is relevant to your audience. If you mention the original source in your blog or social media post, you can develop relationships with top industry experts.

By promoting the content of industry experts, you build relationships with those authorities. This promotion tactic can ultimately enhance your online credentials. Experts you promote may well help you distribute your original content.

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