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Content Development

Why Content Development is Important

Today your website is a critical component of your marketing and sales efforts. If you are selling products or services to businesses, your website’s content is your online sales team.

A CEB study of 1,400+ B2B purchasers reveals commercial customers complete nearly 60% of their purchasing decision. They use the Internet to research solutions, rank options, set requirements, benchmark pricing, etc.), before they have one conversation with a supplier.

On your website, you must provide the information your potential customers seek. If your visitors do not see info they seek on your site, they will move on. To capture and keep a prospective customer’s attention, your website must be content-rich.

Even if a potential customer is considering you as a service provider, they will visit your website to evaluate what you offer. Authoritative content helps you position your company

Your content development process must consider information potential buyers seek during their buying journey.

Content is Key to Developing a Successful Online Presence

The content on your website (not the latest flashy technique or animation) determines how successfully your website generates new business leads for you. While you must have an appropriate brand presence, the quality of your content is the key to generating leads. Your content determines your website’s:

  1. Bounce rate (how quickly visitors come and leave your site). FYI: Google, too, will look at your bounce rate. If you have engaging content on your website, you get a double win.
  2. Conversion rates. Of course, you want to more than attract people to just visit your website. You want potential customers to self-identify (to fill out an inquiry form). When you capture the names of potential clients, you can add them to your lead nurturing or sales process. Quality content encourages visitors to request more info.
  3. Repeat visits. If you have great content, especially a blog, you can generate important repeat visitors. If new visitors find useful, topical information on your website, they are likely to return again or even to bookmark it in their favorites file.

Our Content Development Process

We start by learning all about you, your customers and your competitors. Our team has years of B2B marketing experience in a wide range of industries.

Based on our discussions with you, our research and industry experience, we will:

  • Define your best content for each online marketing channel (website, blog, ppc, email social media etc.)
  • Evaluate your current content assets
    We will look at the content you already have and identify anything we can repurpose for key channels
  • Identify and prioritize any new content we must build
    First, we work on your most important content (likely your website and blog) and setup a plan to build out any missing components.

To discuss how developing deep, relevant content development can improve the results of your website, contact us.

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