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Competitor Research

Do you really know your online competitors?

The balance of power between buyers and sellers has changed. Your prospects will conduct online research when they need to solve problems and locate potential solution providers.

To have a competitive message online, you need to understand:

  • the landscape the prospects find online
  • how your offerings compare
  • how to develop content to develop a top online presence

We can help you understand the competitive landscape. We will identify the top ranked competitors in your online space. When we ask customers to name their top competitors, they think about the companies they know, often locally.

When your customers need solutions to problems, they are looking on the Internet. It is very important that you understand which competing companies your prospective customers finds online.

Understanding Your Online Competition

Companies generate web traffic in many ways (organic ranking, paid search, email marketing, social share’s etc.)

We can help analyze the traffic going to the competition. Our reports will tell you the following information about your competitors:

  • Website visitor engagement (monthly visits, time on site, bounce rates, etc)
  • Traffic sources (direct, referral, search, social, paid ads, etc.)
  • Online ad campaign information (monthly budget, top keywords, best landing pages, etc.)
  • Geography profile of visitors
  • Referring sites
  • Social engagement
  • And more

We will help you sort through the competitive information to help you pinpoint where you have the best opportunity to improve your results.

One of the hardest marketing challenges is determining what your market wants. While understanding the competition helps, we add another dimension. Our tools will tell us where visitors go after they visit your website or a competitor’s website.

We can also identify similar topic-focused websites in your space. By locating websites covering your topics of interest, you gain insights about where or how else to market your product.

Using Competitive Information Strategically

Gathering solid competitive research is useful only if it’s actionable. Our competitor research reports will tell you information such as:

  • Topics resonating with for your audience (for posts in your blog and on LinkedIn)
  • Guest blogging opportunities (which blogs you to approach with a guest post idea)
  • Content strategies you should embrace or avoid

To get information on our competitive research services please complete the contact us.

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