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Email Marketing Service Providers

Best Email Marketing Service Providers for 2016 You can send marketing emails from you in-house email system. Or, use one of the top email marketing service providers (ESP). These providers help companies set-up and deliver email marketing messages. One of the best reasons to use ESP’s is the wonderful tracking tools. Many of the top email marketing service […]

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5 Key Steps to Develop an Effective Lead Generation Plan

Online lead generation plays a vital role in any well-planned business development program. According to MarketingSherpa’s research, generating “high-quality leads” is the B-to-B marketer’s No. 1 challenge. Why develop a lead generation program? In sales, your most expensive resource is your time and or your sales team’s time. An effective lead generation plan makes your […]

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Lead Nurturing System Basics

To close more leads, you need to nurture “not ready to buy now” leads. Lead conversion is the process of converting a “touch” (email, Web site visit, banner ad click, phone inquiry, etc.) into an opportunity or a sale. You must typically touch prospects many times before they buy. Lead nurturing is the process of managing […]

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How to Build an Effective Landing Page

10 Tips for Building Successful Lead-Generating Landing Pages A Landing Page is a page on your website where visitors arrive at after they click on a link. It could be your website’s homepage or any other page on your site. An effective landing page design entices your page visitor to take the step you are promoting. […]

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Five Steps to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

To build a successful content marketing strategy use these steps: Determine what information would help prospects identify the best solutions to their problems.Think about the complexity of the problem they are trying to solve. You may need to develop content for prospects in different stages of the purchase cycle. For example, people in the early […]

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