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Market Wise Inc. 

Content Strategies to Attract, Acquire and Nurture New Business Leads

Since our founding as a direct marketing agency in 1993, our team has delivered programs generating top results for clients. When the Internet exploded as a great direct marketing channel, we changed our focus to helping companies with Internet marketing.

Today, we develop and manage online marketing programs that bring measurable results. Our team has a strong expertise in healthcare, energy, real estate, construction, non-profits and professional services.

If you want to discuss how we can help you, please contact our company president, Kathryn McGeehan (email: Kathryn (at) | phone: 703-425-0299) or complete our contact form.

Kathryn has more than 20 years of experience with online marketing strategies.  She consults, writes articles and gives presentations on best practices for content, search and email marketing. To read more about her background, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Under Kathryn’s leadership, the Market Wise team helps clients:

  • Research their ideal customer’s online search profile
  • Conduct a thorough competitor analysis
  • Identify the best content themes and keywords to use for focus
  • Determine the best channels for distributing content
  • Develop campaigns to generate inquires from prospective customers
  • Implement effective SEO, PPC, social and email marketing programs
  • Create content editorial calendars and effective blogging strategies
  • Distribute traffic-building content snacks through social media
  • Establish key performance metrics and measure performance

We know how to get a targeted audience to a Web site and how to use the site to generate leads for new business. We also understand the off-line world, which is where most of us got our marketing start. We know how to identify the “hot-buttons” of a target audience and, how to get the audience to respond.

We have built a corporate culture of professional collaboration. Our clients tell us that we’re very easy to work with. We do not come in with flaming egos or cookie-cutter solutions. We take the time to get to know and understand you, your market and your budget. Our solutions will be tailored to your needs—not ours.

Our approach is simple:

  • Deploy well grounded online marketing programs
  • Deliver value-based programs — develop a program’s scope and provide fee information up-front, enabling clients to see their ROI clearly.
  • Measure results — and consult with clients to continuously improve the program
  • Make a real business impact — focusing on improving what maters (increased leads, more business, sales, etc.) and not focusing on insignificant results (e.g., top rankings on inconsequential keywords, boost in irrelevant traffic, etc.)

Our team includes marketing professionals, writers/editors (experienced in Internet writing), researchers, and Web programmers and wordpress developers. Several members of our team have lived in the metro-DC area for 20+ years. Each team member has of years of industry experience. If we do not have a particular expertise in-house, we know where to get it.

Market Wise Inc * Annandale, VA * 703-425-0299